Phases of Web and app development

There are several stages and phases of developing an app through which every developer and their team have to pass. Here we have listed some of them down for you which will get you through them quicker.


Defining scope and showing possibilities is a very critical step which needs to be carried out with perfection by website development company in Dubai so that clients can understand your perspective and see the possibilities which you are offering them. After project briefings and defining, your next step should about the project scope. You need to make sure that you are tracking the traffic through out, once the site is released, you will have to make sure that you are slowly and gradually moving toward your goals.

Wireframes and Architecture

This is an important step that you must look carefully at before releasing your website on the internet. The architecture and wireframes of the site includes all the tabs and their functioning. You need to make sure that each tab is related to one another and it very clearly speaks about your website, defining its agenda and describing what you are aiming to achieve. They will have detailed content about the services that your app or website would provide which will guide them about the next steps. Also make sure that you are providing all the correct contact information.

Visuals of the site

It is important that app development in Dubai takes care of all the aspects of visuals of an app or website’s appearance because that is one thing which attracts most of the attention and allures audience towards you and your brand that you are trying to introduce or a thought that you are trying to engage your audience in and want to know their feedbacks on it.

Site Testing

Don’t be overconfident, test your site thoroughly, ask for honest feedback from your friends, family and colleagues, look for places which require improvement and get that done before you launch your app or site out in the open. If there are bugs or issues in your site, people will instantly draw the conclusion that your site is not worthy of their time and investment which will lead to audience skimming away and not considering or appreciating it enough.