The world is advancing day by and there are more mobiles on this earth than the people themselves. Technology is engaging more and more in daily life and people are spending vast amounts of their time in using them, which has proven to be beneficial for the brands and companies as now they can easily access a vast number of people through a single touch of the screen. These companies are working hard to promote their brands and get recognized by people through SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is a form of mobile marketing which collects data of mobile numbers and sends promotional messages and other inquiries related to their company and brand which informs customers in an instance making sure that the target is reached.

SMS marketing is also a form of direct contact and communication with customers and staff. 

The reason of this form of communication being popular is that it is easily accessible and everyone knows how this technology works. It is cheap as well which makes it all the more useful as you can use the SMS and texting services how much you like.

SMS marketing solution is a great way to reach customers, collect data, and create awareness about your brand. It has proven to be 8 times more effective than email marketing UAE. Though, email marketing has its own useful benefits but there is a much larger engagement level of SMS marketing because of the obvious reasons; it is accessible and cheap. SMS marketing is a small part of mobile marketing as smart phones these days comes along with several different apps in which social media apps is a major part.  Many people have been successful in social media marketing as well but SMS still holds its own importance, mostly because social media apps require connection to the internet but texts does not. They can be delivered to anyone by the SMS marketing software platforms and that is the reason that it attracts most of the attention. Attractive offers and coupons are opened within 5 minutes of being delivered as a text message which makes the SMS marketing reach up to 98% of success level. Messages are very carefully drafted and sent out that it takes not more than 4 minutes to completely read it and convey the thoughts.  

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