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  • Rhythmic gymnastics and its instruments

    Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful combination of different forms of dance and exercises all presented with the help of instruments. It leaves the audience in awe with its brilliant postures and movements. It is a sport mainly for girls who start practicing it since the very early stage of their lives and become perfect by […]

  • 6 things to know about a dance school

    If you’re planning to enroll your kid in a good dance school in Dubai, you need to consider a few factors first to pick the perfect school for them as per the requirements and budget needs. Dancing is a form of art and expression. Several dance schools in Dubai offer modern facilities and full space […]

  • 5 Things To Remember When Opening A Restaurant in Dubai

    Let’s face it: everybody loves food. And this is the reason why the food and beverage industry will always be a booming and competitive industry. New restaurants are opening every minute and business owners are always thinking of innovative ways to reintroduce their food business to consumers. The pressure is harder for starting food entrepreneurs […]