Can pets be insured?

When a person adopts or rescues a pet be it a cat, dog or any other animal and spends even a hour or so with them, it feels like the animal has become a family member and living without him barely seems happy.

When the pet becomes ill or injured you take him to a vet.  Latest veterinary medicine has become somewhat expensive because of expensive medical techniques as well as drugs and so the owners have increased their expectations related to the pet’s health and living standard. This is why pet insurance has increased and demanded more now.

How does pet insurance work?

In pet insurance from, the pet owner gets to be paid the amount in installments or as a full if the pet is injured or ill. According to some of the policies owners get paid the amount even if the pet is stolen or dies.

What animals are served by pet insurance policies?

Animal like cats, horses, dogs and exotic animals get benefitted by the pet insurance service. In the past, according to pet insurance policies it was not allowed for pet insurance plans to pay for the vaccination or neutering and spaying of pets but now the idea has changed. There are two types of pet insurance policies. One is non lifetime and the other is lifetime policy.

How does pet insurance policy work?

Just like human health insurance the owner has to pay a fixed amount monthly to the insurance company and that amount would depend on the age and breed of the pet. It will then depend on the policy of the company whether it will pay for some treatments or all of them. Such companies sometimes work with the vets directly. Some policies say that the insurance can only benefit the owners in the emergency cases.

Do pets need to be insured?

In order to get an answer for this question it is better to first check your financial condition and then the health risks and complications the breed or specie of your pet usually faces.

If your pet is insured, that would give you the peace of mind that you have taken steps to deal with the tough situations related to your pet. There are many countries offering this service including cat and dog insurance Dubai.