Getting smart with employee performance

With the passage of time now people get to realize that traditional set ups for businesses are out of dated and they need to change that environment. Business center in UAE suggested that an office environment which is employee friendly is most suitable than the old rigid environment where employee come to work for eight to nine hours and then go home tired and bad-tempered. Office space for rent in Business Bay Dubai provides the best example of new trends in business. They change their environment and make it more suitable for the employees so that they can work there with enthusiasm and do not get tired from boring work tasks. They change their work environment through following plans:

Open space: Traditionally there were closed spaces like small rooms or cubes for the employees and they are not allowed to interact with each other during the working hours. This will make them frustrated that they should do work only. Now this concept is changed, the need of social interaction for better performance has been proved now so modern office buildings are now designed in a way that employees can interact with each other during working hours and can share their work related problems with each other.

Virtual assistance: With the advancement of technology now employees do not need to stick to their given work desk as they were before. They can roam around and go to fields and work at the same time. They can do their office work from wherever they go.

Mutual place: Previously there were no mutual place given to the employees to share and solve their problems and this will increase the intensity of the problem and also increase the irritability of the employee when he cannot solve the problem. He will get frustrated with the situation. Now people specify a mutual place for the employees where they can socially interact with each other and share their work related problems. They will then try to solve those problems with mutual participation which will increase their trust on each other and also increase the productivity.

Co-work activities: Due to the importance of employee wellbeing now buildings are designed to provide them spaces like gym and Café where they can enjoy their time during the office timing.