The Pet Relocation Process

Pet lovers treat their pets as an integral part of their family. Their pet is their loyal best friend and a family member. They eat together, sleep together, work together and move about together. However, when relocating domestically or internationally, the pet doesn’t understand what’s going on and you too need to take care of a lot of formalities and to-dos before moving out.

It is important to have some general knowledge of how the relocation process works and answers to common questions will help minimize apprehensions about the pet’s upcoming move, and can facilitate a smooth transition. Whether you require cat relocation or dog relocation pre-requisites are almost the same.


Be informed about the rules and regulations for pets in the country of relocation. Exotic pets like snakes are usually not allowed everywhere. Do research about before your departure otherwise you may face several unavoidable issues that may even result in giving up on your pet.


The documents required to import or export your pet, as they consider it for international travel, usually include the ownership and birth certificate and whatever the country’s policies require to verify the animal as your pet. In some countries there are very strict rules and heavy documentation is needed. Do your homework prior to deciding your travel dates as the paperwork may take a lot of time.


The vaccination laws are mostly stern in every country. You may not need to vaccinate your pet in your home country as much as you need it while you are travelling, to avoid your pet encounter any such disease which he has not been exposed to. For the host country your pet must be vaccinated to avoid the risk of infecting the country with a new disease, that didn’t existed there before. Hence, be vigilant and get proper knowledge about all the vaccinations to be done.


There are different procedures and customs to transport or relocate pets in different countries. There are several pet relocating companies or different transportation agents who may assist you in this regard.


After relocating comes the Quarantine. It is a preventive measure to avoid risk of epidemics. Some countries are strict about it. Different countries have different quarantine lists available to check the policies, days and time for pet quarantine. This overview on the process of pet relocation might be helpful for a smoother pet relocation. For further research and information you may surf the internet or directly go to this site.