Tackling obesity in Dubai

Obesity on the rise in Dubai should not come as a surprise with the amount of fast food restaurants opening up along with unhealthy lifestyles and increase in population. To curb obesity it is imperative to visit a diabetes doctor in Dubai.

Importance of healthy nutrition: Incorporating a healthy lifestyle on part of parents on their children is essential to avoid being diabetic in the longer run. This is the case of being diabetic over time rather it being down to genetics. In order to tackle obesity, the state needs to have a well managed system in place for it to work. Perhaps increase awareness on promoting healthy lifestyles which can be done through advertisements. The state should ensure that schools and colleges place importance on physical fitness by encouraging students to play a sport. Cafeterias operating within schools, universities and offices should promote healthy diets in the form of lean meat, fruits, vegetables and milk shakes. Post schooling and working hours, the state should ensure there are a number of top notch facilities available in the form of tracks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, football grounds, cricket grounds and tennis courts amongst  many other physical activities. In this manner people are embedded with the mindset of staying fit at all times and keep individuals from being diabetic in the longer run.

Visiting the doctor: Diabetes caused by obesity is known as type 2 diabetes. One should watch out for symptoms of type 2 diabetes before visiting the concerned doctor. One of the most common symptoms of type 2 diabetes is excess weight leading to insulin resistance. Due to the person being obese, the body would produce insulin but not use it effectively. Individuals with insulin resistance end up with glucose building up in the blood rather than being absorbed by the cells.

Celebrities not aging: There is a reason celebrities belonging to the film industry still pretty much look like their younger version, a combination of their lifestyle and few tweaks in the form of plastic surgery does the job. Their lifestyle allows them to have access to healthy diets, well known physiotherapists, top notch gyms with state of art facilities and lastly the best plastic surgeons in Dubai. Through plastic surgeries celebrities are able to improve their appearances by addressing specific cosmetic concerns. Apart from looking youthful, another reason to opt for plastic surgery is to mask prominent disproportions and asymmetries within the body contour. Plastic surgery instills self confidence and esteem for a celebrity.

Downsides to plastic surgery: With plastic surgeries becoming common amongst celebs, teenagers need to be taken care of since their brains are still in the “developmental” phase. Teenagers who are fans of certain celebrities might be influenced from plastic surgeries without realizing the side effects post plastic surgeries. Side effects from plastic surgeries vary from losing blood, being infected, damaged nerve, damaged organ, prominent scars, hematoma and lastly seroma. Before it ends up being late, no parent would want their child to be regretful.