All the parents wants to provide best education to their children. Since the beginning of the humans, people have been trying to improve the living standard. In olden days, people have no educational institutions and parents taught their children themselves what they knew at that time but with the passage of time education became improved and many teaching methods have been introduced in the educational institutions. The education can be categorize in three parts pre-school, primary schools and secondary schools.

Pre-school are also called nursery schools or play school or kindergarten schools. Basically this education is early childhood education. This education is for the children which are in the age ranges between 1 to 3 or 4 or 5 years. There are so many methods which have been adopted by these schools like play way method, reggio emilia method, waldorf method, Montessori method, bank street method etc. These methods are famous.

These days Montessori method is getting too much popularity. In this method, children have been thought by his or her sensory system, which include smelling, touching, tasting and seeing instead of learning and reading. Teachers teach by self-correcting materials which are available in each class room for children. In this way, the concentration level of the children increases and teacher mainly focuses on reducing errors of children and to promote concentration abilities among the children. In this method, another thing is focused that is the environment of classroom and school. It should be the environment that children feel that they are in their homes. So, those pre-schools who adopt the Montessori method of teaching mainly consider the environment of the school because it is very necessary for the early childhood aged children. If these small aged children don’t feel home environment then they cannot enhance their concentration on provided objects at the classroom. There is a pre-school who is the best nursery in JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers). You may find good nursery in Dubai Marina for your children education.

Parents have to give more concentration in order to find out the right pre-school for their children. This is because pre-schooling provides the base and if the base of children gets strong than it lasts for whole life. Parents have to search pre-schools and then must get visit to searched schools to find out how they taught and what methods of teaching they adopted and also see the environment of the school.

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