Is it important to teach students about first aid?

Yes, it is because they can face mishap or someone, near them, van face it too and being human it is the responsibility of every man to help another man who is need of it. That’s why it is important to teach them first aid so that they can become a man from human.

However, the subject is boring but it can be made interesting by adding or doing few things. Some of them are:

Practical explanation: First and foremost, take them to school’s clinic or sick room and show them that how to make rooms for sick people. Thus, it is important to show them injections, syringes and what is inserted in them. They should be told names of basic medicines that can be given to a person when he or she is not sick too much. They should be told about bandages and creams. The practical work of first aid will make them excited to learn more about it and make them to attend all classes. Thus, there will be improvement in class performance too.

Videos and theory: Theoretical explanation and videos have their place. It is important to explain them many things theoretically. Try to go a little deep so that they can build their interest in it because children thrive to know many things. However, you can add videos and gadgets to make the lectures more interesting. Besides this, you can make the class friendly by shifting from lectured-based class to discussion based in which students have ground to share their experiences and knowledge with the class. In this way, they will improve their communicative and speaking skills. They will become confident. Thus, try to indulge everyone in discussion.

Hospitals and clinics: To make the subject more interesting and engaging, you can take students to hospitals and clinics to show them that how patients are treated who need basic first aid urgently. You can take them to safety training centre in dubai to show them the situation of accidental patients and how they are treated. Besides this, you can execute workshops like basic life support course in abu dhabi to give them extensive knowledge about medicine and health care according to their age. This will build their interest which might help them to know their interest and opt for better degree that would match their interest and passion. So, these few are basic ways to teach first aid and health care to students and toddlers. Students and toddlers love to watch and move. Therefore, use their passions and love to teach them about the world and something boring otherwise, they would not take interest in it.

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