Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful combination of different forms of dance and exercises all presented with the help of instruments. It leaves the audience in awe with its brilliant postures and movements. It is a sport mainly for girls who start practicing it since the very early stage of their lives and become perfect by the age and competition that comes along. 

It is performed in pairs, groups and even individually. Rhythmic gymnastics clubs participate on the national and international levels giving its students a platform to show their talent and skills. It develops posture and enhances the coordination skills between the students helping them in establishing a good relationship amongst peers and building their self esteem which would help them throughout their lives. Increased flexibility and maintained body levels are some obvious benefits of rhythmic gymnastics.

The instruments which are used commonly include:


Rope is generally not very hard to use and you can perform some great stunts on it, even flying can be possible. These are also stunts which are performed in circuses and valued highly.


Hoop rings are very common. They are very useful instruments especially for young children who want to get a grip at these stunts from a very early age.


Bouncy balls are enjoyed by every rhythmic gymnastics athlete and even the viewers. They love bouncing it across the platform and performing with them as a real person in front, which is surely very fun to watch when it comes genuinely.


And here comes the most loved and adored and probably the hardest instrument of all. Young athletes share their experience and tell that ribbon is the one thing which troubled them most as a single wrong or miscalculated stroke could ruin the whole act and sometimes even get tangled in their own body or arms.

This art does get easier day by day and perfect as well. It is appreciated worldwide and parents must make sure that they provide all options to their children in the field of sports and respect their decision of choosing one.

Olympics also appreciate this art as it holds the highest value amongst all the others. 

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