Are you confused that where you should live? Apartments or bungalows? If yes, then read advantages of both of them and then decide.

And if you want everything fast, then read below some advantages of apartments and then think about jumeirah village circle apartments for sale or look at the advertisements of jvc townhouse for sale!

  1. Size : It is not easy to clean and manage a big place. And apartments are easy to manage because of their size. There are neither too big nor too small. Some apartments are very small and some are very large but there are some in between. Hence, they are according to the size you need,  most of the time.
  2. Facilities:  Building provides a lot of facilities. Many of the buildings have swimming pool, play area, security system, prayer room, garden and much more which all residents can avail and make their days productive and full of fun.
  3. Neighbours: Unlike bungalows where you get cut off from neighbours, apartments give you chance to interact. They increase friendship and keep you engaged Most of the time. You can have so many neighbors on your floor and the floor of others because many of the buildings are big and have around two to ten apartments on each. So, build friendships, and go with your companions everywhere to make the day less stressful and more enjoyable.
  4. Maids: You can easily find maids in apartments because of having neighbours who guide the new person mostly and assist them by giving number and in the process of hiring of maid. So,  hire a maid and have rest.
  5. Security and protection: Majority of the buildings have high alert security system which consist of hundreds of guards and computerized system that are tasked for vigilance at day and night to make everyone feel secure and safe.
  6. Cost: Apartments are cheaper than bungalows. Bungalows can cost you millions and thousand millions but apartments would cost you less than it. In fact, it is cheaper to manage them as well because you would have less utility bills and maid will charge less because of having small size.

Eye in children: Due to small size, mothers find it easier to see their children and keep their eyes on them in apartments than bungalows where they might  have rooms on first and second floor that make a person tired of thinking going up at many times.

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